About Nul-Kryds

Nul-Kryds is a student union representing engineering students with an interest in maritime field at the Techincal University of Denmark. The association is independent and consists of volunteers who organize both academic and social events for the purpose of streangthening the link between students and the industry, as well as helping students in everyday life.
The majorty of marine engineering students at the Technical University of Denmark have been in contact with Nul-Kryds at some point during their studies. The association was founded in 1947 on the occasion of the first NTHS congress. Nul-Kryds has participated in every NTHS congresses since.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

“Vi skåler for vore venner og dem som vi kender og dem som vi ikke kender dem skåler vi med.”

“Ikke tale om. Jeg vil sgu’ ikke ha’ nogen lokumspumpe i min maskine!”

Maskinchef Brovst, S/S Martha

“I skal denundenhylleme ikke bruge mit damptryk til den slags pjat!
…tror I, at det er Ørstedsværket hernede!”

Maskinchef Brovst, S/S Martha