In September, Nul-Kryds visited the Royal Danish Navy’s highly specialized diving ship Søløven (the Sealion), at the old naval station ‘Holmen’ in Copenhagen. Søløven is used for many different tasks, such as blasting of old mines and special tasks for the Danish Defence.
We met early in the morning at Holmen, where we were welcomed by a naval officer and then we went together to Søløven, where the commanding officer welcomed us. We were then divided into two groups, one group starting in the engine room and the other on the bridge.
Originally, the ship had to sail out, but due to an engine fire we had to stay in harbour.
At the tour around the ship, diving equipment, gear, pressure chamber, machinery, the bridge and the crew’s facilities were shown. There was also the opportunity to talk to the crew about their everyday lives on board.
After the tour of the ship lunch was served, where we all had the opportunity to talk more together.
After the lunch, the ship simulators were shown, and we were all allowed to manoeuvre a ship in bad weather and into Copenhagen Port.
In addition, a presentation was held on education in the Navy and the possibilities for engineers at FMI.